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Kelowna's Club Penguin is changing gears to mobile.

Club Penguin Island Kelowna Mobile Marketing

Kelowna's Club Penguin is focusing on a mobile marketing strategy to regain market share. The Disney-owned social network for kids is closing on March 29, 2017. The 11-year-old social network will be replaced by a new mobile-only version with a more modern look and feel, called Club Penguin Island.

Club Penguin started in 2005 and featured an avatar of animated penguins interface. Users could play games, chat and build their personal virtual igloo. The Kelowna company that started it all sold it to Disney in 2007.

The new Club Penguin Island is a mobile-based, massively multiplayer online role-playing game. You can discover a destination full of secrets and myths, legendary treasures, and endless possibilities! On Club Penguin Island, you’ll be a penguin, waddle around with friends, level-up, and quest for special rewards. Create and customize outfits with endless combinations, and express yourself with chat, unique emojis, and 3D animations. Hit the stage, enjoy a pizza, or join a party… do something new every day!

Why this drastic shift from Disney Interactive?

Club Penguin's web traffic has been on the decline since it peaked around 12 million users in 2013. As of last month, the site was down to about 5.5 million monthly visitors, and the launch of Club Penguin Island hopes to recapture some of that audience while bringing the next class of elementary schoolers online. The market for kids' spaces is also much more crowded than it was back in 2005, and Disney will be competing directly with services like Lego's Lego Life social network, also aimed at that under-13 demographic.

As a local Okanagan digital marketing company, we wish Club Penguin Island all the best with this new transition to mobile. Given the data, we think it's a smart move and a great example of a company that is reforming itself to meet the needs of its target audience.

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