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Do you have a mobile marketing strategy?

mobile marketing strategy

91% of all U.S. citizens have their mobile device within reach 24/7. (Source: Morgan Stanley)

There are 6.8 billion people on the planet. 5.1 billion of them own a cell phone, but only 4.2 billion own a toothbrush. (Source: Mobile Marketing Association Asia)

In Canada, the overall numbers of users accessing digital content via mobile continues to grow with 30 Million subscribers, according to Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA)

Mobile phones have completely integrated into the lives of Canadians. They have become an essential part of the fabric of day-to-day life. Canadians are more comfortable with their mobile devices and using them for everyday at-home activities. Previously, a laptop or desktop computer would have done those tasks.

In a 2014 study by Catalyst, Canadians were using their smartphones in three key browsing locations – “On the Go,” “At Home,” and “At Work.” People tend to use their devices in different ways depending on where they are: at home for content consumption and online purchasing; on the go for checking the weather, sports scores, and social media; and at work for looking up stock quotes, online banking, and emailing.

As mobile internet usage continues to grow dramatically, companies need to invest more in mobile marketing to stay competitive.

Here are four easy and quick solutions you can implement to get started with mobile marketing.

1. Mobile-optimized Website

First, make sure you have a mobile-optimized website. There’s no point getting into mobile if your business' website isn't mobile-friendly.

2. Content is to the point and concise

Secondly, when it comes to your content ensure you get to the point quickly. Remember that your consumers are likely working from a small screen and don't have a lot of space or even time for reading lengthy content.

3. Ensure people can find you through Local search

Your mobile device is great for local search, and more and more people are using their devices to find things, locally. To take advantage of this, be sure to submit your mobile website to Google My Business.

Don't forget Bing. Google seems to be the focus, but 30% of U.S. Searchers use Bing.

4. Location-based portals

More and more people access social sites via their mobile devices. There is a great opportunity here to connect with your customers through available location-based directories such as Yelp and Foursquare.

The bottom line? Mobile is here to stay, and your consumers are using their devices every day of their lives. Given that, isn’t it time for you to get started and dive into the world of mobile? 

Like every marketing initiative, exploring who your target market is,  what they are interested in and how you can draw them back to your mobile website or mobile app, is fundamental to your marketing success. We have created a free resource for this, called the Buyer Persona Development Guide. Explore to whom you are marketing and selling.

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