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The #1 Reason Why You Need to Develop Buyer Personas

develop marketing buyer personas

The modern world is super unpredictable, things change very quickly and it is becoming increasingly more difficult to stand out from in a crowd of competing services, products and messages.

If you are stuck trying to find your way through that crowd and get noticed, you have a marketing problem. Here is one piece of advice we give our clients in helping them reach their customers and land new opportunities more frequently.

When you meet with a potential client or customer, what is the first question you will ask?

How can I help you? right?

This person will go on and tell you about their pain point, their struggles and the goals they are trying to reach. You go on and ask them a number of questions to get a better understanding of their challenges and inevitably offer them products or solutions that will solve their problems. You discuss how your product and service can help and voila! you have a new happy customer.

It's a bit oversimplified, but it gets at the heart in solving your marketing problem.

The answer is "marketing personas". Marketing Buyer Personas are guides to understanding your customer, their goals and challenges and what content they would be interested in consuming.

Having an accurate understanding of your target audience is vital to the success of any marketing effort, everyone knows this. Creating and investing time in developing details buyer personas, however, most of the time is skipped.

The better you know your prospects and customers, the better you can generate content that addresses their problems, needs, and questions. That for us, is the number 1 reason why we help our clients develop detailed marketing buyer personas, so they can achieve a significant increase in traffic to their websites, have the ability to turn that traffic into leads and leads into happy new customers.

If you are interested in how we do it, download our buyer persona development guide that we give to our clients. It will give you a great start in helping you develop your buyer persona and creating content they like to consume.

Persona Development Guide Download

profile-jacco.jpgAfter that, if you are still stuck, connect with us. We'll do a free evaluation to understand your business and marketing efforts and offer some helpful tips on how to move forward .


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