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Growth Driven Design. Four Key Benefits. We love #2!


Every smart marketing and sales executive should from time to time access their business website with the perspective to improve it to ensure business goals are being met. Traditionally companies have done very little to improve their online presence until a major redesign was needed (every 2-3 years). In today's dynamic marketplace, this traditional website design process is broken.

This weekend, take a look at your website and if you want to see changes, consider redesigning your website through an iterative approach.

Iterative website design or growth driven design is a design methodology that is based on a cyclical process of changing, testing, and analyzing your website. Based on analytic results, changes and refinements can be made to optimize your online presence for even better results.

Our experience with website design and development has shown that many companies let their websites go stagnant for way too long, before initiating a website redesign. Because of this long gab in updating and refining the website, the client usually is forced to fully redesign their online presence, to get back on track.

Taking on a more iterative approach to your online presence can reap big benefits. Here are a few to consider;

1. A consistent growth in visitors

When you invest in having an online presence, you want to ensure you get the visitors it needs to grow your business. One way to do this consistently is by updating your website more frequently. Businesses that increase their frequency of updates to more than 20 times a month receive 5 times more traffic than those less than 4 times a month. More frequency leads to higher growth in traffic.

2. Avoid a big upfront cost and minimize risk

Redesigning a website from scratch can have a high up-front cost depending on how far you have fallen behind. Taking an iterative approach to your website redesign will spread the cost out into smaller chunks with higher potential for ROI.

3. Avoid website update fatigue disease

Companies that take a traditional approach to redesigning their website fall into the trap of not updating their website on a regular basis. The reason for this is that the redesign process can be quite intensive, time-consuming and costly, and after 2-3 months of fixing the old website, companies become fatigued in continually wanting to improve.

4. Continuously learn and improve

When you are in this cyclic process of changing, testing, and analyzing your website, you will learn more about your visitor and the roadblocks that stand in the way for you to grow your business. By continually improving your web presence, week over week, you can reach peak performance in meeting your goals and objectives, based on real-time visitor data and user feedback.

There is no doubt that continually improving your online presence and applying an iterative design process, will give you higher opportunities for growth. This is not limited to just your website and your social presence is just as important.

If you are interested in a more iterative website design process for your company but don't know where to start, we can help. MAD Reality is in the business of helping our clients succeed.

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